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Students who are planning to study abroad may ask themselves if they should use an education agent or consultant and the benefits of doing so. Study abroad agents and consultants are those who provide guidance in the school, college and university process. Their services are designed to act as a helping hand to international students and includes admissions support, educational guidance and career counselling. Education consultants can also help you choose the right study destination and find a university and course right for you including those you are most likely to be accepted on. They can also provide support to those who require further help in their English or are taking an English test, provide visa application support and accommodation assistance. While they cannot submit the visa application for you, visa application support is especially important as they can help you meet all the requirements when applying for a visa and make sure you provide all of the necessary documentation needed in the overall process. Experts in the local market and education industry, education agencies and consultants will be able to provide invaluable information and advice about universities and concerns you may have across that you may have never even heard about. 
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