Golf Ages: 9-17 years

Golf Ages: 9-17 years

Students will learn about the key skills involved in playing golf and will practice them under the coach’s expert guidance.

Students will have the opportunity to learn new skills and techniques, improve their existing ones, and put them into practice.

The course is taught entirely in English, so students improve their language skills as they train and play.

Founded in 1584, Oakham School has established a reputation for academic and sporting excellence. Oakham itself is a beautiful market town in the countryside, near Cambridge.

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We help secure Tier 4 student visas to make sure they are processed and approved on time.


We work with reputable accommodation providers throughout the whole of the UK and can help take the hassle out of finding the right accommodation. Bookings durations are available from a minimum of 2+ weeks.  

Airport pickup service

We provide an airport transfer service throughout the UK. Students can be transferred to their designated accommodation and a welcome pack will be provided to include all details they may need for your stay.  

Questions and Answers
1. What is a Summer Camp?

A Summer Camp is a supervised program for children or teenagers managed during the summer months (June- August) in some countries. The traditional view of a Summer Camp has been changing through the years with newer types that provides a wide variety of exclusive activities.

2. How long is the Summer Camp?

Summer School courses in the UK can last between one to five weeks during June, July, and August.

3. Are the Summer camps accredited by any UK association?

Yes. All summer camps that we deal with are Accredited and approved in the UK and Recognised Internationally.

4. What makes a summer camp exclusive?

Summer Camps are incredibly unique and important alternative for your children. They offer an opportunity for the children to grow, allowing kids to become independent and self-confident, while socializing and making new friends from all around the world, also learning new skills will contribute the children’s development.

5. What is the average age for a child to attend to a Summer Camp?

The minimum age is 4 and the maximum age is 18 years old. Also, the average age depends on the course the children are interested.

6. Where is Summer Camp physically held?

Summer Camps are based in different parts of the Greatest City of London and depends on the Summer Course you applied to.

7. Are all the activities included in the initial fee?

Accommodation, meals, and social activities are often included in the tuition fee.

8. What should your son or daughter bring with them to Summer camp?

As parents, they want to make sure that their children have everything they need to thrive at Summer Camp.

The first and most important rule is to make sure to follow the packing list that has been provided by your child’s camp.  There must be specific instructions on every item for you to follow.

9. Can kids call home when they want?

Understanding the policies of any youth serving program, such as Summer Camps, is normal that many camps do not allow cell phones due to the interfere of these electronic devices. So, while there are very good reasons for a camp to adopt a “no electronics” use policy will usually encourage them to write letters home or to use them when they are out of their Summer Camp routine.