Higher Education
If you have any doubts about pursuing higher education or if you’re wondering if getting a degree is the right decision for you, we’ve written an article covering the benefits students can sustain throughout their life after earning a degree.
Boost career prospects 
Earning a degree allows you to prepare for a specialised career in your industry. You will enjoy higher-quality jobs than non-graduates and can open up more rewarding possibilities. Degrees are always in demand and employers are always looking for candidates with the advanced skills they require.
Earn more 
Degrees allow you to secure higher roles when applying for a job, so you are likely to make more money over the course of your career. Figures in 2018 have been shown to state that graduates earn £10,000 more than non-graduates with higher employment rates. 
Improve your skills
Going to university and taking on new responsibilities will allow you to develop your communication, multi-tasking, budgeting and critical thinking and time management skills. Preparing for academic research, essays and exams improves your efficiency in communication and problem-solving. Living independently and juggling a part-time job with studies allows you to make better judgements of your time and enhance multitasking abilities. These are transferable skills you will have gained from university and will be able to apply in real life; your personal development will help you grow as a person and get ready for post-graduation adult life. 
Degrees are worth it 
Degrees act as an important form of investment and tend to offer better job security. A YouGov poll showed that 86% of students were satisfied with the quality of their university course. Non-economic gains include being happier and healthier overall with higher reports of wellbeing