International Students
Whether you’re an international student or it’s your first time studying abroad, moving to a new country can feel exciting but sometimes intimidating. There is a lot to consider when moving and it’s important to address issues like funding, visas, accommodation as well as other key subjects when making your transition. In this article, we explain the most important things you need to know before moving to the UK.
  • Visas: Visas mark the beginning of your journey and it’s important that you apply for a student visa, depending on the country you’re arriving from. 
  • Student accommodation: Campuses will often provide students with accommodation, especially for first-year students at the beginning of university. While on-campus accommodation can be quite reliable for everyday access, it is also important to consider other nearby housing options. The UK has many and it’s a good idea to explore your options to rent a room or flat from a private landlord before making your big move. Some students will also be happy to share with you their experiences of student accommodation, so make sure you do your research to choose the right place for you.
  • Bank accounts: There are a wide variety of bank accounts that are available for international students in the UK. It’s worth considering different student bank account suppliers and researching your overall options. You may also want to consider budgeting, overdraft limits and your credit score before applying for an account.
  • Oyster cards and public transportation: An oyster card will make your overall travelling journeys a much easier process. If you plan on moving to London, make sure you buy an oyster card – it can be used to access public transport, including the tube and bus and this will make travelling much more convenient and a less expensive option. You can also register for a young person railcard which will give you ⅓ off all rail travel too.
  • International calls: Consider investing in a prepaid sim card. These pay-as-you-go cards allow you to flexibly add credit and make international calls easily. You can top up each time and make phone calls without a contract. Options to upgrade later are also available and you can do so if required. 
  • Register with a GP: When you arrive in the UK, you should make it a priority to register with a nearby GP. All international students who hold a visa are eligible and will be able to access the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) through a health surcharge while making their visa applications, prior to arriving.