If you’re in the last year of school or are considering going on to higher education, you might be thinking of where to go to university. While many may consider studying abroad, foreign universities have their own application procedures in place which is where an education consultant can help. By acting as a meditator, counsellors and university admissions consultants alike can help you save time and increase your chances of getting an offer.
  • Bespoke Advice and Guidance 
One of the best parts about using an education consultancy is that they guide you through universities in your chosen location, consider other personal needs you may have (such as budgets, accommodation, etc.) and determine where it is that you are most likely to get into. They will also provide you with the knowledge and information needed when looking at critical aspects of an application. 
  • Document Submissions
High school transcripts, English language tests and other entry requirements are asked for in the admissions process. Consultants can help match you to the most appropriate universities that you are likely to get in with your marks and abilities and make sure your application is accurate. 
  • Personal Statement Writing 
One of the most critical parts of a university application is the personal statement. A personal statement is where a student articulates why they chose a certain university, why they would like to study a particular course or subject and how their skills, work experience (if applicable) and education makes them suitable for the programme. University admissions consultants can carefully compose personal statements by taking into account your educational background, motivation for studying a chosen subject and existing relevant skills. 
  • Scholarships
Education consultants are aware of the existing and latest updates about upcoming study abroad scholarships helping to make your education more accessible and affordable. 
  • Existing Relationships with Universities
In today’s world, getting into university has become more competitive and university admissions consultants may help you through potential barriers by offering valuable and special insights about entry requirements, the application process and candidate interviews. They also have relationships with university partners so providing specialist knowledge can be very useful to provide students with a competitive edge.